OUR APPROACH-Is Neuropathy Reversible?

Our NeuroMetabolic Approach is OVER 94% Effective For The Treatment Of Chronic Pain Caused By


Discover The Difference With Our Comprehensive Neuro Metabolic Approach Against Neuropathy Pain 

At the Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions, Neuropathy relief is just around the corner.  

Imagine if in just a few short weeks your neuropathy pain could be virtually eliminated. How would that feel?

If you have neuropathy in your hands or feet and you are taking a prescription medication, then you are receiving the standard medical treatment. I would guess that it’s probably NOT working for you.

In traditional medicine there are no treatment options beyond pain pills and anti-seizure drugs like Neurontin.

Patients are left without a viable treatment option and continue to suffer with the same and often progressive neuropathy symptoms. It is at this point that our institute steps in and excels.

 So What Makes Our Approach And Treatment For Neuropathy Unique? 

We know that to help you get relief from your neuropathy symptoms we have to look the entire body, not just the affected nerves in your hands and feet. We call this a whole-person functional approach. Peripheral neuropathy is a complex combination of metabolic and neurological problems, all of which can be handled with our unique approach.

A large percentage of PN is caused by an underlying autoimmune mechanism, meaning the immune system is destroying your nerves. But your nerves can be destroyed by sugar levels that are too high or surging to high. Those same nerves can be damaged by high cortisol levels, by decreased oxygen, and by increased inflammation. Again, the testing we provide can identify possible problems so we can treat these naturally without drugs.

There can be a neurological reason for your neuropathy. After all, the central nervous system controls the input to the nerves of your hands and feet. If your brain does not send the right signals to increase the blood supply to the feet, the nerves of the feet suffer. We can increase the oxygen to these areas and then activate the nerves so that the process of healing can begin.

We Have Found 5 Key Ingredients For Creating EFFECTIVE, FAST and Lasting Neuropathy Symptom Relief.




Functional neurological rehabilitation is like exercises, only for your brain instead
of your muscles. When we identify areas of the brain that are not working like they are supposed to, like the parietal lobe we mentioned above, then we can apply non-invasive procedures to strengthen it. Your brain requires stimulation, just like your muscles require strain and activity in order to maintain function.

The activities and exercises used to strengthen the brain depend on the specific area that are determined to be weak but to give you an easy example we will stay with our parietal lobe. Vibration sensation is processed in your parietal lobe. So if we want to send information (called stimulation) to the parietal lobe we could apply vibration to joints in your body. As part of the therapy we may have intervals of vibration used throughout the day to give constant stimulation and strengthen the parietal lobe just like we would workout frequently to strengthen your muscles.

The body is uniquely wired so that vibration that comes from the left side of the body stimulates the right side of the parietal lobe and vice versa. It is the constant stimulation to these weakened brain areas that allows you to start healing and begin to eliminate your neuropathy symptoms.

We also use advanced technology called ReBuilder that allows us to heal your nerves right at the source of pain.


We Also Implement The ReBuilder in Our Treatment Program?  

The ReBuilder is a proven and doctor recommended electronic pain treatment. The ReBuilder is fully registered with the FDA under the 510K system for the treatment of chronic pain.

It consists of a small, hand held, battery powered stimulator that sends a comfortable electronic pulse/signal to your feet and legs that can get your nerves functioning again. You can think of it like a heart pacemaker that restores and improves heart function: the ReBuilder restores, stabilizes, and rebuilds the nerves in your extremities. It also increases blood supply to your calf muscles.

Before each impulse is sent, the ReBuilder analyzes the waveform of your nerves, determines any abnormalities, creates the unique waveform of the healing signal necessary, administers that signal to both feet simultaneously, and then re-evaluates the result.

This process happens 7.83 times every second. Each successive signal is constantly being adjusted to conform to what your peripheral nerves need in real time.

The Rebuilder Can also be used  to treat Carpal Tunel.

The ReBuilder can also treat the painful symptoms of arthritis, MS, and many other forms of chronic pain. The ReBuilder is specifically designed for the pain related to peripheral neuropathy of any etiology, such as diabetic, idiopathic, alcoholic, inherited, and the pain of chemotherapy induced neuropathy.

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The ReBuilder offers a solution for all types of neuropathic chronic pain. 

Pain resulting from the administration of chemotherapy to combat cancer is one of the most difficult types of pain to treat. The ReBuilder is the treatment of choice and used by many oncologists to control their patient’s difficult to treat chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain.

If the ReBuilder can stop and reverse pain from chemo-induced neuropathy, it can surely help you.

What Other Kinds Of Tests Do You Look At For Peripheral Neuropathy? 

  1. Complete Thyroid Panels - including TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3, T3 uptake, and reverse T3. There are over 30 functional thyroid patterns and by only measuring TSH and T4 a majority of thyroid problems will be missed. Abnormal thyroid metabolism affects every single cell in your body, including your nerves.
  2. Complete Metabolic Panel - we are going to investigate anemia patterns, functional blood sugar disorders, liver dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, and abnormal lipid metabolism.
  3. Food Sensitivity Testing - a majority of neuropathy patients have active food sensitivities and don’t even realize it. An immune food sensitivity is when your immune system creates antibodies to certain foods, creating a global inflammation effect every single time you eat the food. This alters your nerve cell metabolism and makes your neuropathy worse. These must be identified and eliminated.
  4. Intestinal Permeability Testing – a majority of neuropathy patients have a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome. This means the intestinal lining of the stomach starts to break down and allows certain food particles pass into the blood stream and lymph. When the immune system sees these food particles it attacks and attempts to destroy them. This raises global inflammation similar to how food sensitivities do. As inflammation increases then your nerve function deteriorates.
  5. Gastrointestinal Infection Testing – bacterial infections, parasitic infections, and dysbiosis are common problems that plague neuropathy patients, especially if there is an autoimmune mechanism. If these are not uncovered and appropriately treated then you may never be able to get relief from your neuropathy pain, burning, and numbness.
  6. Adrenal Testing – your adrenals are small glands that sit on top of your kidneys. They are responsible for producing a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol plays an integral role in normalizing blood sugar and regulating your sleep and wake cycles. Many neuropathy patients have underling adrenal problems that affect blood sugar metabolism and ultimately nerve function. This is an important test to run for neuropathy patients.

Those are by no means a complete list of functional tests at our disposal. Every case is unique and after a thorough review of your case history and past laboratory tests and a thorough examination we determine the appropriate functional tests to run. In this way we get to the root of your problems and design a custom tailored treatment plan consisting of dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental changes along with functional neurological rehabilitation.

This approach is literally the difference between getting true and lasting relief from your Neuropathy symptoms or a lifetime of progressive pain, burning, and numbness.